Popsicle TV

Welcome To Popsicle TV!

Hello and welcome to Popsicle TV!

Popsicle TV is an online music magazine started by Popsicle Studios; a recording studio and film production company in Cape Town, South Africa. We use our facilities and film production team to produce great videos of great music and we put it right here for you to watch. Simple as that!

From House Music to Pop Music, Hip-Hop to Rock, Kwaito, Folk and Electro, we like it all. Whether It’s a band performing live in our studio, or a pair of producers playing in their Garage, we are capturing it all, and posting it right here.

In and amongst all of that, we’ll be posting lots of entertaining musical videos and content from around the internet, both good and bad.

So have a look around and get to know us. We could even become friends.

And remember, next time you’re looking for your favourite South Africa artist, or you’ve hit that “I’m desperate for new music” phase, even if you’re just browsing, come have a look right here. We’ve got some awesome things to show you in the next while…

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