Watch ISO Perform Vice Versa In 360 Video

A while ago, our friends at Darkwing Aerials mentioned that they were checking out 360 degree videos, and were in possession of a rig that could shoot them. They wanted to know if we’d be keen to try shoot a live session in 360 degrees, and if we had any sessions coming up. It just so happened that we were shooting a session with ISO two days later, so we figured “Hey, why the hell not?” We got in touch with the band, and they were on board.

If you’ve never seen 360 video before, it’s pretty much just how it sounds; all you do is move the video around using your mouse or the track pad in the corner, and you can navigate around the video. Just make sure you’re viewing it using Chrome, Firefox, Safari or Opera as your browser.

On the morning of the shoot, ISO walked in and we asked if they’d be keen to do their most intricate song. Our minds all immediately jumped to their track Vice Versa, so so into the live room we went.

After the shoot, the company that was meant to stitch the footage (no names mentioned) dropped us, because they had basically lied about being able to do it.

Enter Lucan Visuals.

The crew there were excited to take on the project and bring it to life, and it’s safe to say that they nailed it.

To boot, we’re pretty sure that this is a South African first, and possibly even an international first. We’ve seen videos of Paul McCartney and Jack White performing live, we’ve seen Foals and RHCP music videos, but never a live studio session. So, we’re feeling pretty darn chuffed.