Sublime Tribute Project Popsicle TV

WATCH: Cape Town’s Sublime Tribute Project Live At Popsicle Studios

Every year, some of Cape Town’s most experienced musicians assemble to pay homage to a band that helped shape most of their musical careers: Sublime (if you don’t know who Sublime is, we suggest you do some reading).

For those of you that are unfamiliar with The Sublime Tribute Project, it’s quite simple. Members of some of Cape Town’s best loved ska/punk/reggae acts (including Grassy Spark, Half Price, 7th Son, Captain Stu, West Coast Wolves, Alive At Midnight, to name a few…) get together for a few weeks to rehearse roughly 3 hours of music by one of their favourite bands, Sublime. After some fairly rigorous rehearsing, they put on one (or maybe two) massive shows in the Cape Town area. In the past it has been hosted at Mercury Live, but in recent years has moved to the bigger, more “summer-in-the-sun” venue that is the Cape Farm House.

2016 saw the fifth instalment of what has become an annual favourite, with the massive attendance showing us all that the project shows no signs of slowing down.

Popsicle TV was lucky enough to have the (very large) group of musicians get together for a Popsicle Studio Session, and after watching them, you can see why the Sublime Tribute Project keeps pulling epic numbers every year.

Have a look at the group performing some of Sublime’s most epic tracks below. As part of the tribute to the 90’s legends, we decided to make the videos look like the were shot in the style of Sublime, with an old, 4:3 VHS feel. Because hey, we felt like trying something new.

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