Watch 8 Cellos And 8 Voices Recreate Tresor’s “Never Let Me Go”

Meet Nicky Schrire, a Capetonian singer/songwriter that has recently returned from living abroad, including a stint at Manhattan School Of Music. She embarked on this trip after finishing her BMus at UCT. Now, she has returned to Cape Town and is poised to start making waves.

Meet Ariella Caira, a Capetonian cellist that has been plying her trade both locally and abroad for some time now, most notably as a member of Sterling EQ.

The two generally perform as a duo under Nicky’s full name, with Ariella playing cello, while Nicky plays guitar and sings.

Now that you’re familiar, what’s all this about then?

While in discussions about doing a Popsicle Studio Session with Nicky and Ariella, we couldn’t help but feel there was potential for more. Something more exciting, more creative.

Long story short, Nicky spent many hours of her life transcribing the various parts of Tresor’s 2015 hit Never Let Me Go into cello and vocal parts, and we recorded and filmed it all (shout out to our head of film, Tash Montlake, for taking on and nailing one of the more intense edits of her career).

So, if you were ever wondering what Tresor’s Never Let Me Go sounded like when recreated using 1 guitar, 8 cellos and 8 voices, here’s your answer.