The Lee Thomson Quintet: Sunrise

The Lee Thomson Quintet is a collection of incredibly talented musicians who make what they have termed “Radiohead Jazz.”

Although the group hasn’t been together for all too long, each member of the band has an a reputation that proceeds them in their individual capacity, so it’s no wonder that the group has been making some waves in such a short space of time.

A few weeks ago, F-Sharp released a beautiful live session featuring the band performing their original track Song For George, a song written by Lee for his former band mate, George Bacon, shot at a live performance at The Centre For The Book.

On the back of that, here is The Lee Thomson Quintet performing their original song “Sunrise” live at Popsicle Studios in Cape Town, South Africa.


(As a side note, we’ve also realised that jazz sounds DAMN GOOD in our live room!)