Music As A Tool For Change: TheCITY Cover Little Dragon’s “Place To Belong”

South Africa (and The World) have been going through a period of unrest regarding race relations and inequality. The Rhodes Must Fall movement starting in Cape Town, the xenophobic attacks in Kwazulu-Natal and Gauteng, and further afield the riots in Baltimore, Ferguson, etc.

As a multicultural band made up of members from various racial backgrounds, Cape Town’s TheCITY have been moved by these incidents, and began working a reworked cover of Little Dragon’s “Place To Belong” into their set. When they were invited in for a Popsicle Studio Session, TheCITY were adament about playing the cover. Directors Imraan Christian and Georgina Warner saw what the band were trying to do, and having captured a lot of footage from the Rhodes Must Fall movement, decided to turn the session into a  more interesting and involved piece.

These days, fewer and fewer artists are performing music with a cause or a message, so it always makes us happy to see a band that chooses not to shy away from it, and rather uses their music as a tool for change. Well done TheCITY.


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