Interview: Sannie Fox On Her Relationship With Music And Her New Album

Powerful women are a commodity that seems to be dwindling in the currently over-sexualised musical era. In a male-dominated industry that asks women to “sex it up” to sell records, strong females who refute this course of action and still find success should be hailed as the truly noteworthy.

A few weeks ago we invited Sannie Fox into our studio to play some music and have a chat with us about all sorts. She did not disappoint.

Watch the above interview with one of Cape Town’s more enigmatic front women, where she discusses powerful women in the music industry, the over-sexualization of one’s self to sell music, her relationship with music and her forthcoming album.



  1. daniella

    amazing interview, I love her integrity and commitment not to over-sexulaise herself for record sales but rather be appreciated for her craft. Refreshing indeed

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