Chris Chameleon: Can’t Stop Me Loving You

Chris Chameleon is an artist that many of us at the studio grew up on. His gender-bending exploits with MonkeyPunk pioneers BOO! was something completely new to many of us. The sound was sparse yet energetic, incredibly musical and proficient, but raw and wild. He is one of those artists that tried something completely different and got it right.

Chris himself seems to be full of inherent contradictions. His presence is so commanding, and so calm at the same time.

At the end of 2015 Chris recorded a new English album that was released in August 2016. The name of the album is Firmament and was produced by the legendary Theo Crous. The album is filled with Chris’s trademark vocal theatrics atop that unmistakable Theo Crous rock sound.

We were lucky enough to have Chris stop by the studio and perform acoustic renditions of some of his new material. Have a look at him performing his latest single Can’t Stop Me Loving You, live at Popsicle Studios in Cape Town, South Africa.