Card On Spokes: Sunwalker ft. Bonj Mpanza

Card On Spokes and Popsicle TV have been circling around each other for quite some time now, trying to plan a Popsicle Studio Session, and seemingly always stumbling at the last hurdle.

That was, however, until the end of last year, when every single star in the universe aligned and we got our dates lined up. It was a magical day, but Card On Spoke’s music and Bonj Mpanza’s voice were the most magical part about it.

Card On Spokes, aka Shane Cooper, is as accomplished a musician as you’ll find in South Africa. Having pretty much established himself as one of the best jazz bassists in the country before the age of 30, Shane decided to expand his focus, and headed down the rabbit hole that is electronic music.

Shane’s music has something quite unique about it. His musical ability is apparent from the get go, but he’s managed to create a unique mood. The fact that this stuff even exists is really exciting, and we cant help but foresee Card On Spokes doing some great things (he’s currently touring Europe, so it looks like he’s on his way).

Have a look at him performing the title track from his new album, “Sunwalker” live at Popsicle Studios, featuring Bonj Mpanza.