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Cape Town Electronica Act “Yes In French” Release Debut Ep

Yes In French have been cruising beneath the radar for a while now. The collaboration between Sebastiano Zanasi (Christian Tiger School, Hessien+) and Sebastien Van Oudenhove (Hessien+) gained some notoriety a while ago, which seemed to slowly die off as the duo stopped playing shows under the the Yes In French title (presumably to work on the plethora of other projects they each have).

But, out of nowhere, the duo has put forward their debut offering through the Quit Safari Soundcloud.

A while ago, we were lucky enough to shoot our first Popsicle At Home session with the duo. If you’d like to see how they do it live, in their own environment, have a look:

Have a listen to Vredehoek 5-0 below, and let us know your thoughts.

Here’s hoping that the duo plays some more live shows sooner rather than later.