BRYNN: About Time ft. Francesca Biancoli, Lee Thomson

Cape Town thrives on the new, fresh blood to reinvigorate a scene. Of late, a new group of bands and artists seem to be breathing life into what has become a slightly stale Cape Town rock scene. There’s a sense of excitement amongst them, pushed by a lot of passion for what they do.

BRYNN is one these bands. Fronted by Jules Terea (a man that is far to young to be singing like he sings), the group is made up of Hezron Chetty on violin, Dave Van Vuuren on rhythm guitar and backing vocals, Alex Smillie on bass, and Eddy Kriel on drums.

On the back of recording an album with us, we had BRYNN into studio for a Popsicle Studio Session, and the group absolutely blew us away. The were joined by Lee Thomson and Francesca Biancoli for their performance of “About Time,” featured above.

Have a look at BRYNN performing About Time live at Popsicle Studios, featuring Francesca Biancoli and Lee Thomson.