BCUC: Asazani

“… As we are still in the quest, in the mission, of healing The World with music.”

If you are not yet familiar with BCUC (Bantu Continua Uhuru Consciousness), the group describe their sound as “afro-psychedelic.” Hailing from Soweto, BCUC “aims to demystify the general world views about modern Africa,” by using indigenous South African styles combined with modern psychedelic elements.

When we arranged a Popsicle Studio Session with BCUC, we weren’t quite sure what to expect. As things progressed, we grew more and more enamoured with the group. Their energy, their warmth, their incredible music. It was an amazing experience, from start to finish.

Full disclosure, seeing as the band’s music is so interesting, we wanted to make the video a little more interesting. We used some shots from different takes, and added some effects, trying to do their epic sound a little more justice.

Asazani is one of the tracks from the band’s forthcoming EP, “Our Truth,” which is being released in vinyl, CD, and digital format off of Nyami Nyami Records on 3 November 2016. You can follow it’s release here.

We’d personally like to take a moment to thank the band for being so amazing to work with. You guys are incredible and we wish you great success.

Here’s BCUC performing their track Asazani, live at Popsicle Studios.